Cream Remover ++/ back order


No Sensitivity! Works OUto remove eyelash extensions. Does not sting the clients eyes. You can even send clients home with some if they know they will be removing. After your clients eyes are closed with pads underneath apply a layer of the remover covering each extension all the way from the base down. Use tweezers to move product back and forth onto extensions making sure extensions are covered while it sits in place for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes gently slide your tweezers starting at the base and squeezing continuously down to the tip. This will break the adhesive up. After you have squeezed each eOxtension they should gently slide right off of the natural lash. Do not force extension off.  After every extension is off, take clean q-tips and roll downward starting at the base all the way to the tip using numerous clean q-tips each roll down. At the very end while your clients eyes are still closed hand them a warm washrag and tell them to rub clean until you see no residue left.