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Classic Flat Lash

Classic Flat Lash

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The newest innovative way for expert lash artists to make their clients lashes fuller! What makes these lashes so amazing? They are hollow on the inside to give them a much lighter weight. They also are very flexible due to the hollow inside. If you picture a straw versus a pencil, which one will bend easier. This is a great way to explain to your clients for them to understand how flexible they really are. They are also much wider than a typical lash because they are flattened to make them appear wider, but not adding any weight. They are still curled like a normal C or D curled extension. Your clients lashes will last much longer if they are a face sleeper or eye toucher, since these have so much more give they wont break off if slept on like your typical extensions. You and your clients can definitely feel the difference when your new flat lashes arrive!

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